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Forex Trading System and Strategy Comparison. In this article we will review and compare what forex trading system choices traders have. We will also evaluate the various systems available and then point out the pros and cons of each type of system.

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The Foreign Exchange market - also known as Forex or FX - is the world’s largest financial market. Trading Forex can be exciting, rewarding and - if you’re disciplined about applying sound trading principles - lucrative.

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What tools do you need to trade Forex? Getting do you get started with trading Forex? Here are three of the main reasons our clients enjoy Forex trading: Forex is low cost When you trade Forex, instead of paying a commission like you would with shares, you pay a very small mark-up to the price called the Spread. Typically, the spread is only a fraction of a cent for each dollar you trade. Forex allows you to start small When you begin Forex trading you can start at a very small size.

Forex trading is particularly popular for the following: New traders getting started in the markets Day traders placing several trades a day Swing traders holding trades for a few days Carry traders holding positions for weeks or months Full time workers trading in the evening Part-time workers looking for ways to supplement their income Traders who like the convenience of mobile trading.

As an introduction, a new trader could consider starting with the following basics: An online Forex trading platform with charting options, such as MT4 A demo account that lets you practice trading with virtual money, at no risk Tutorials like How to use your platform Some basic Forex education As you advance your trading, the following tools may be of use: Looking for a simple plan to get started trading with little fuss? Follow these simple steps: Get your practice account Watch the instruction videos for the practice account Go through a free Forex course Place 10 trades in your practice account with a 50 pip-stop loss and a pip profit target If you have any questions about Forex trading, feel free to speak to our client support team.