Forex is Legal in India!?


Apr 02,  · Verwandte Fragen Wie ist Forex Trading in Indien Ist es illegal in Indien In Indien ist Forex Trading mit jedem ausländischen Broker legal oder illegal Was ist die beste Forex Trading Demo-Konto in Indien Was ist die Strafe für die Durchführung von Forex-Handel in Indien Welche Forex-Websites bieten Legal Handel in Indien Ist Forex .

With many online brokers who misguide retail investors claiming forex trading performed legally through them. Basically these companies are doing forex business.

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Forex trading from India is illegal and there is no doubt about it but we want to do it legally from India and its legal way is you can be NRI and use the own account into that particular country where forex trading is legally allowed and can remit your profits into NRE account and can show the concern authority about your earnings and pay.

Wenn die Antworten auf die oben genannten in der gleichen Reihenfolge sind alle quotyesquot, vermute ich, dass Sie in der Lage sind Forex zu handeln, solange Sie nicht spekulieren gegen Ihre eigene Heimatwährung. Das obige ist nur meine Meinung als jemand, der mit Kapitalsteuerregeln in meiner eigenen Region vertraut ist, die Südostasien und der Fernen Osten im Allgemeinen ist.

Im nicht versucht, jemanden zu überzeugen. Im nicht im quotconvincingquot Geschäft. Mit allen Dokumenten, Bankauszüge, Kreditkartenabrechnungen, ausländischen Tour-Aufzeichnungen, itrs und was nicht ich war dort für 7 Stunden die Beantwortung von Fragen.

Es schafft ein Element des Zweifels in den Köpfen der potenziellen Investoren und auch junge Unternehmer, die Schritt und in diesem Markt verdienen wollen.

Achte auf meine Worte, wenn du einem richtigen Kanal folgst. Es gibt keine Beschränkung für die Häufigkeit des Austausches in einem Geschäftsjahr. Wichtige Nachricht für Kunden: Die Verwendung von Kreditkarten, Debitkarten, Devisenkarten oder Bankkonten ist zu diesem Zweck weder direkt noch indirekt zulässig. So eine Sache, die klar ist, dass Forex-Handel von Einzelpersonen in Indien ist nicht zulässig, durch indische Regierung.

Allerdings kann der Betrag von USD 2. Sie müssen es legal machen. Das obige Diagramm zeigt beispielhaftes Diagramm für den Mai Forex Trading In India. Jetzt hoffe ich, zu diesem Zeitpunkt müssen Sie verstanden haben, ist es legal oder illegal Und wenn es so noch wie kommen die Menschen aus Indien tun dies, Wie kommen ich Anrufe von verschiedenen Fx Trading-Unternehmen, um das Handelskonto zu eröffnen.

Dann lesen Sie die unten Post zeigt es, wie indische Händler sind Handel in internationalen Währungen. The market cap of Indian equities is simply too small to eradicate such manipulations. Sarath-Volatility is Good or bad? It is not the promoter.

You Know why Rasoya protiens trading at 20 fell to 0. You know why Allied Digital Services trading at fell to 20? You Know why India Bulls Wholesale services fell from 30 to 10? You know why gitanjali jems fell from to 40? You know why C Mahendra Exports fell form to 6? You know why Subex fell from to 6? Promoters are manipulators in all these cases.

Promoters create bullish sentiment for poor retailers to buy. When everybodys in, the promoters dump the stocks creating panic among retailers again. Thats ho they steal the money. Retail traders who dont have enough money to manipulate anything are the losers finally.

This is how stock market works. Helena, Sudan, Syria ,Ukraine Zimbabwe. Please try to accept. You as a financial expert should know about these more than me about all these manipulations.

Nobody Cares about rupee at all. Thats the pitiful situation of our country , equities and ever deteriorating rupee.. Sarath-It the lack of knowledge that makes you to invest in such companies which you named.

Also, do you feel there is no manipulation in forex trading?? Those companies were really good before promoters started robbing investors money. Its not the lack of knowledge. Well,Can you name a few companies with your great knowledge that will give me returns 5 years from now? I am ready to invest. Moreover if I make losses from the names you suggest,will you compensate me for the losses incurred because of your advice.

You said I lack Knowledge. Well ,no one can suggest anything. Because RISK is everywhere. Lol,if you invest ,it doesnt matter how the stock moves. He will lose a lot even if stock moves by a small fraction. Whats the guarantee that stock will always move up after you invest?

And coming to your final question. I already told you its not easy to manipulate forex as it is to manipulate a stock. Simply because huge amount flows in and out. Since it involves huge amount of risk to manipulate forex,even banks are not brave enough to take the risk of manipulating forex,as they appoint qualified traders to trade on their behalf who trade with strict rules. Not like as you said,invest and forget. The current range should matter to you even if you invest.

After a few years your clients will be after you. Sarath-Equity investment meant for 5 years? But it subdue when we invest for long term. When you invest in cheap stocks or the stocks which recommended by the so-called experts who in turn brokers then there is high possibility that they turn to negative. Look at people who look for value investment. Invest and Forget is not meant for any investment.

Sarath i like very much your opinions and comments , i agree your comments regarding this issue.. I am also a trader earning a good amount. Not only me but there are so many traders earning through forex and withdrawing in lacs per month in INDIA, still no problem.

Then tell if i do like this and come back to india , and use that money here is it still illegal. If it is done in a safe way. Many readers of yr blog they say by opening nri account.

And etc… Tell me ways i am confused. Pls reply on my email. I am also a forex trader, a signal provider and pool account manager in forex business from last 4 years and able to develop a very big and good forex earning business model where a comman man easily can earn from 10,, INR sitting at home and can improve the life of a comman man or weaker section.

After reading all the points above i would like to mention few points here please and need support —. Forex trading from India is illegal and there is no doubt about it but we want to do it legally from India and its legal way is you can be NRI and use the own account into that particular country where forex trading is legally allowed and can remit your profits into NRE account and can show the concern authority about your earnings and pay taxex accordingly and it is legal because you have used your stored capital for the forex trading there not by remitting funds from India.

You can form a company out side India where forex trading is legally allowed as a subsidiary of your Indian company Indian company will be parent company but this for those who have already own any company in India and remit funds outside to subsidiary company and subsidiary will do forex trading and will revert you the benefits as a dividend and it is legal.

Its my view that most of the Indian Political Parties and Leaders except few leaders but may be they do not know about forex trading potential so could not be focused on this talk about the welfare of the people but never think seriously to do for them because if comman man will be financially strong then never will accept their dirty politics so they think that comman man should be always poor and struggler with there problems.

If this business have not good potential and liking with mass then why millions of millions of people attracting towards it. Very small small countries like Mauritius. I think it is the totally matter of intentions and nothing else. Is there not involved risk for the comman man there? I am not a follower of any party but i know the power of aam aadmi comman man its result we have seen in Delhi election so my view is that we should all forex trading lovers should organise and make a common sign letter and give to Shri Narendra Modi sir who is our hourable Prime Minister as he thinks always about comman man and think for the bottom people and when we all shall be together present our interest and concern then we hope that sure he will re think and talk to the concern authorities to do it legally from India.

As he has also own drive for online Digital India concept and Skill Development program. I think Forex Trading skill should be covered into his skill development program. We are also interested to do it legally from India and i am more confident that India has the best tallent in world and best growing your population so we can bring huge capital to our financial institutions through forex trading and can change jointly many comman man life. Already millions of people doing this business by wrong way which is also a huge loss for the government and my view is that indian government can get good revenues through this business if legally allowed.

So i think for this program please email me and decide jointly how we can be collective for this concern and can be reach our message to the government.

I think huge unemployment can be remove by this business. I need your valuable feed back or suggetion please.

I agree with your views and ready to support your campaign. Let us make a concrete plan and put before Mr Narendra Modi. If lakhs of Indians support definitely we will win. Kumar sir plz contact with me i want to talk with u via phone i m also Forex Trader. Hope u contact me.

Kumar, even i would support for your campaign. I have always thought of this but no support. How do we move this forward to the government, please let us know of this. ICICI seems to be liberal. Do they oppose forex trading and binary trading?

Ashish-Option trading they allow. Is there any amendment made on FMEA..? Is the forex trading still Illegal in India? Recently i am seeing lot of advertisements and people involvements in this trading..

What about holding a foreign stock? Is a resident Indian allowed hold that stocks? I want to ask that is Binary trading legal in India or not? If you are not aware of above question can you suggest me anyone legal person who can answer the question?

Ommi-I think Binary trading is a strategy of trading than a platform. If my understanding is correct then you can do so in India. Sir, I want to know basic difference between forex and binary trading.

Suppose, if I earn any money using binary then am i suppose to pay any tax? Trading in international commodity market is legal or not. Kiran-Check with your broker before going ahead. Varun-I am not sure about the firm you mentioned. So trade at your own risk. So you can do that.

Do at your own risk. But what income source your brother shows when they ask for source of income? And earn commissions or service charges from those accounts, will it be treated as legal? Can I do that? Can it be shown in my tax return? Awaiting for your reply soon. Yuvraj-But what you will answer to Bank officials or tax department about the source of transfer?

Vikram-What documents are they asking? Also how you arrived to conclusion that there will not be any issue if they are asking for documents?? It is completely an eyewash. Hi, I have a question can we advice forex scrip e. Will it be legal. I am not aware of the regulatory framework of currency expert advisory. I will not comment on any organization or company. It is up to them to take risk and it is your wish to put your money. And then open a Trading Account which operated under a regulations by the Same Country.

VNS-This may be way of avoiding the legality. But how you bring back the earned income to India bank? According to law Funding from India in forex trading is illegal.

There are many other ways to fund that can be hide from RBI. Like paypal and money bookers. Funding through money bookers is safe and RBI cant see what you doing from this account. So, Invest it, Trade it and Live it…..

Dear Basavaraj , it is great to share such things. Good insight about Forex trading in India and government regulations. One thing which I did not like here is the negative views about Forex trading. The problem with Indian laws and lawmakers particularly in last couple of decades — they lack balanced thinking while making any laws.

They lack vision and mostly their thinking is one-sided while framing any law. Laws are meant to cover almost all situations and almost all people and benefits almost all those come under law. Also, they are supposed to provide checks and balances to make it harder to violate such laws. Of course there will be exceptions and few corner cases but in this Forex laws they are totally ignorant about the people who can successfully trade Forex and change their lives for better.

Person from poor background can become financially well-off with Forex trading if he has right skills. I am not suggesting that Forex trading is easy and everybody can trade successfully.

But, there are certainly some people those who can Trade successfully. And these so called laws are not fair to these people. Ash-I am also not against Forex Trading but against crossing legality of land. Forex trading is not legal in India, however it is one of the most risky business, but I can say that Forex has changed my life! And I would never ever quit forex trading, so I have decided to go abroad to establish my trading Skills. So I have decided to go to Poland! Hi Shivam, you are a lucky one… could you tell me exactly how can i start in forex?

I am also intending to migrate USA as I am a Graphic Designer but I am also very interested in Forex too, what suggestions you have for me to get successful in future in forex in another country?

See i am looking for investment where i could get easy returns. If it is so then think that it is illegal or risk involves is more. First understand your risk appetite then start investing. I am against any such sites which offer these services.

Rest is left at you. Dear Amit, threre are lot of ways to trade forex from india. I just act as a working partner and my student act as an investor. Second thing is, you are acting on behalf of your students and using their account details to do trade.

Also you get your share from your students account to your account. Then legally how you can be liable for any trading done on behalf of your student. But at the same time doing such set of transactions, do you think you are doing right thing on behalf of student who may face some legal issue if their money is transacting from Indian original bank account?

You are claiming to be teacher but before giving suggestion better to understand what will be percussion of your student and whether they are doing such acts within the law of land or not. So think yourself and act. I am trading in forex for 4 years, and till today, there is no problem I faced, I made withdrawal and successfully get money.

Last week I made another withdrawal. This time I used another bank account. Today I got call from this bank and they asked about money they received in my name. I told them that this is from forex trading.

They said forex trading is not legal in India. Shock time for me, I made another withdrawal in last month and got money without any problem,. Sarath-When I said it is illegal to do Forex Trading in India based on facts then how I be affiliate to Forex Company which is purely set up on breaking the rule of land? I saw all u r commends and what I noticed that apart from this legal issue …..

Here is small story of my trading history with forex currently I am trading in international market from past 4 years prior to this I was ex employ of Indian commodity company heading regional branches in Karnataka for almost 8 years and m also a financial planner for my respected clients now here is comparison between indian commodities and international commodity Step 1: Madhu-Thanks for sharing your views.

But do you think that such complicated product when we look at normal Indian investor will understand product easily and do his own technical and risk appetite things? Also barring such trading in India is due to some money laundering issues. When you say easy to analyse the international market, may I know in what context you are saying this?

Regarding regulatory framework, do you feel for retail investor it is very much easy to interact with international regulator to deal? Also Indian market or investor not to that extent that they can think of international market, because of low penetration to equity market itself. Apart from these for investor there are lot of other options to understand and trade. Why to take such complication and risk your money?? I have bit confusion in financial matters,i need you guidance on how to withdraw and all.

I am an indian citizen living in australia on work permit Visa. I have been living abroad from last 2 years and might live for another 2 years. Forex Trading is legal in this country. So If I do forex trading in Australia, will it be legal? I am not paying any taxes in india and not making any remittances from India to Australia account. Jay-If no remittance from India or to India then no question of asking.

But you have to act according to Australian law. I might make remittances to India Ultimately when I get any profit. Will it be considered illegal? But your Indian Bank Account is attached for trading then there will be issues. Having an Australian bank account and have work permit visa. Only problem is after working in Australia I came back to india and I am residing in india now. Now can I do forex trading online from india using my Australian bank account only but not any indian bank accounts.

Do I need to explain the source of income to RBI. Could you please let me know. Rohit-You can do so. But how you bring that money to India? You need to explain the source of such amount if tax authorities asked for the same.

Because you are staying here and definitely Indian bank officials raise the issue. Then what you say them? I have stayed more than 6 months outside india. I would like to know if there is any provision that NRIs can do forex trading while residing in india temporarily.

Could you please clarify. Rohit-The status of NRI will not come into picture. Because if you are using money transfer facility of Indian origin like your savings, current or NRE accounts then definitely it will be an issue. I worked for several years in Australia, later became a citizen there and am also an OCI dual citizenship in India. I still have some savings left in my Australian bank account — can I use that for forex trading in an account opened there itself?

Can you please explain in detail. Shrikanth-There is no illegality if you do trading using the Australian Bank. But my question is how you justify the source of amount when you remit the cash to Indian?

To be frank, I am not a big fan of trading. But a huge fan of equity investment. Regarding the source for remittance to India I will re-check with my bank and CA. Having read and heard abut this a lot there is not doubt that Forex trading is illegal in India. But thousands of Indian traders are still involved in it and the numbers are continuing to increase.

Vipul-Place where trading takes place are the countries which have loose law against money laundering. So if RBI permits this then easily a best route for illegal activity. So if money laundering is what RBI is trying to prevent that means Indians are being kept away from an amazing money making opportunity just because there are no proper regulations in India towards Forex trading.

What do you think? Vipula-It is not a problem of RBI but the problem of countries where trade get executed. These countries have loose laws.

Hence to safe guard the Indian economy RBI must act so. Vipula-Economical or in other words the countries you mentioned are not reeling under black money or some other financial threats to that extent than India.

To be frank such forex trading offerings will not be from US, Europe or Australia but from the countries like Indonasia or some other third world countries. Why only from third world countries?? In terms of sub-section 4, of Section 6 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, , a person resident in India is free to hold, own, transfer or invest in foreign currency, foreign security or any immovable property situated outside India if such currency, security or property was acquired, held or owned by such person when he was resident outside India or inherited from a person who was resident outside India.

So my first question is can i receive money from a Electronic payment processor like Moneybooker or Skrill instead of individual outside India? I mean it should be like Gift or insurance for sure? Sidhu-You are understanding it wrongly.

Please add your shared RBI ruling with what I shared above regarding holding currency derivatives. Then you will find differentiation. If you transfer through any means and mentioned as Forex Investment then they may unearth the source of investment, where it is invested and whether it is legal or not.

So you need to answer all those questions. Opening bank account in your name outside India is solution. But will the country where you are intended to open account is so free that any outsider can open account and transfer funds as their wish?? Sir I have already transferred some money in the account of aforesaid company but yet not started any transaction.

Can I withdrawn my money safely? Sir my question to use is supppose I withdraw funds from these online brokers via e-banks like neteller,moneybookers,etc will it be legal as in my bank statement it will show these e banks names and then I can pay taxes as income from other sources.

Ranmeet-You are right that in bank transactions it will not reflect directly to broking firm. I think only particular comment you are allowing to post on your blog so only i am not able to post the comment so here is my reply from another mail id…you telling about a company rubbish where i invested and getting proper withdrawals. But i have checked about you DSP blackrock where there are lot of withdrawals in pending,so how can you say yourself you are a certified financial planner?

Pandian-For your information any new reader who comment on blog will first need to approve by me. This is done to protect genuine commenting. Now you are very much free to view your comment and my reply. Both of yours IP address are same. Because I am independent planner. Since i am not able to comment on the previous mail id replied from another and in that itself i clearly told that i am replying from another mail address…,So i just checked with the change in name can approve the post in the blog….

Now all same my full name is arun pandian u can check my mail id…and can u explain me about the question i asked in the previous message. Arun Pandian-You can check my reply and for your information, I am not at all connected with any company. I am working independent. So no need to name any one company. Please check my previous comment where I already replied.

I have gone through the conversation the executive reply for all your queries is wright…If u keep on asking doubts no one will answer…if the doubt is really good every one will answer…. If something is not as per rule of land then one must not proceed.

That is what I pointed. Also may I know what is connection being me being consultant of any trading company and to this issue? Please elaborate more on this so that readers will come know who stands where. As a investor you have rights to ask n number of questions but when the answer is given you have to realize the gen unity of the answer…so from the things i told in previous conversation i think you might have got the knowledge about the participation of sebi in international market….

May I know how it is taxed in India on the gains from such trades? I need to pay tax to Govt as I earned from my investment. Hence let me know which Income Tax rule govern such earnings? Never try divert issue about rising the Canada citizen.

If I have any relationship with Indian financial institution also then it will be very much within the legality of Indian law. So I am very much open to this. Can we proceed further on this?? The company Which i have invested is fully regulated and i have never faced any difficulties in withdrawal either the Equity or profit…but when i checked with DSP Black Rock…there are lot of issues in the withdrawal which are pending for such a long time and i saw the review of your concern and the reviews are relay bad..

So, how you can be a certified financial planner please explain me…. If you are pointing towards mutual fund, then friend please read the redemption procedure set by SEBI-maximum time it will take up is 5 working days.

No one can delay the withdrawal apart from genuine reasons. May I know which of my review is bad? If you have any concern on this then you can very much free to complain to rewarded body.

I know this company and believe me investors are making huge money ranging from 25k to 50 k dollars…. Abdul-You are right and are operating in a daylight without any fear or regulators.

Dear Sir, I am planning to buy a BDA site in Bangalore and then came to know the original documents are missing from the current seller but all other relevant documents are available like alotment from BDA and sale deeds from the previous seller and EC is OK and in BDA office all the documents are no issue. Ramakrishna-This is not relevant to the above post. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page.