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3 Month Trader Mentoring Programme If you are not sure which Mentor you would like to complete your Mentoring Programme with, apply below and our team will contact you to discuss your requirements and match you with the most suitable Mentor.

When to stop trading - everyone needs to know when to take a break and Setting targets. It's a matter of spending the time to identify and develop a methodology that suits the concerned trader most.

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National Mentoring Programme We are pleased to announce the eleven writers selected for the Words Ireland National Mentoring Programme. We’re now in the process of pairing writers with suitable professional writer-mentors from our mentor panel.

Define Edge Team has created an innovative product which is has added a new dimension to trading. It was an amazing session by Prashant.

It was a wonderful session with lots of learning an In my view, TradePoint is the only platform for serious technical assessment based traders in India.

I call it a platform because Definedge TradePoint is not just a provider of charting software off But as per the PNF is concerned, I sta Prashant is the Best decision I have taken in my trading career. Prashant helpful nature and continuous and cons I am very pleased that I attended the wonderful training. This have opened wonderful avenues for me and have given me new eyes to view markets. After trying many things in market, this combination is quite user friendly and The DefineEdge team, in my opinion, is the leade Web Design Company - Graphinet.

Using trend analysis to determine the prevailing trends across different time periods. Why must I always trade in the direction of the prevailing trend? Which trend is relevant for my trading? Some interesting Dow Theory points with regards to trend trading.

Key points for drawing trendlines. Through studying price history Correct use of trend lines Moving averages. There are dozens of candlestick formations one can learn, but which ones are the important ones to learn to spot? The purpose of this course is to show you what I find works for me in my daily technical analysis of over 20 markets.

They are many different types of moving average - which one should I use and why? Which moving average periods should I use? What do they tell me about the market? What are they telling me? Where do I place my Fibonacci retracement levels on my charts? How do I use these effectively across different time periods? Reversal patterns Continuation Patterns. What I want to do in this course is save you time.

I want to show you what has worked consistently over many years for me. All Mentors and their Information can be found here https: Institute Trader Mentoring Programmes are completed over a 3 Month 12 Weeks schedule on a remote basis.

Each week your Mentor will schedule Skype conference calls with you, and set you tasks to complete during the week preceding your next call.

In the first stage of your programme you will be shown how to effectively generate a continuous stream of high quality Trade Ideas so you learn to become self-reliant. You will be shown simple and effective techniques that apply to all markets at all times in order to generate high quality trade ideas successfully. The self-reliance principle is a principle that continues throughout the programme, so when you finish your programme you do not need to rely on the Mentor themselves or anyone else in the financial markets for trade idea generation and everything else that is necessary to become a successful trader.

Portfolio Construction in practice can be very different from theory. This is because there are real time multiple dynamics at play and the financial markets are moving everyday according to short term, medium term and long term news flow and expectations.

A winning portfolio is not just a collection of great Long and Short ideas. Even good ideas must be timed well and constructed as part of an overall portfolio that works for the trader, not the other way around. Much discussion will also centre on current and future news, trends and expectations and how to best position and manage risk going forward.

You will learn how to do all of this with real money in live financial markets on a remote basis with screen sharing over a 3 Month 12 week period via Skype conference. As your programme progresses you will get used to the weekly processes and workflow you need to complete before each call, meaning you will be become more efficient, quicker and smarter at completing them. Your Mentor will guide you throughout the programme in how to get quick answers and shortcuts to get your time management optimised.

This is also so you can fit your workflow and trading into your busy weekly work life schedule, so when you complete your programme your newly acquired knowledge and skillsets remain a sustainable wealth generating asset. You do not need to be located in a particular geography, on a trading desk or in a classroom.

The days of trading floors with multiple rows of desks and hundreds of traders commuting into offices into financial centres around the world are long gone. Technological advances now enable people anywhere to access the financial markets and to be taught remotely via VOIP, Webcam and online conference systems such as Skype and also screen sharing software such as TeamViewer.

You have two choices in applying and booking a 3-Month Trader Mentoring Programme. Firstly, you can either purchase either or both the Institutes Online Educational Courses i. If everything is in order, we will contact you within seven working days to schedule a telephone call. Due to the nature of the waiting list for an Institute Mentoring Programme this is a very popular option as students can secure their Mentoring Programme start date and whilst waiting for your Mentoring Programme to start, you can complete each Video Series.

Your Mentoring Programme will then begin as soon as you have completed the online course s by passing the exams and will be scheduled up front. The advantage of choosing this approach is guaranteed less waiting time for your Mentoring Programme to start and complete. Please Note the waiting list for Trader Mentoring Programmes is on average weeks. If you intend to proceed onto a Trader Mentoring Programme you must book your programme weeks in advance.

Section ii Apply, Book and Pay Upfront. You must pay for your education yourself and prove to us first that you are committed to your Professional educational development. Then secondly, you must trade within the Institutes infrastructure as an Institute Trader for a minimum of months as a profitable and consistent trader, responsibly deploying the processes and strategies that we teach you, with your own capital, prior to becoming eligible for our capital.

The Institute is not a drop-in centre for homeless, flaky Retail Traders that want a free ride. We take our education very seriously and we are committed to teaching, sourcing and backing great traders. You must be committed to your own educational development and then prove yourself as a trader first. Demand for Institute Trader Mentoring Programmes is very high. We perpetually have a week waiting list for anyone that wants to undertake a Mentoring Programme and everyone on the Mentoring Programme waiting list pays upfront for their programme.

We do not offer Mentoring Programmes on a profit share basis. This is for two main reasons; —. Profit sharing based Mentoring Programmes do not work with high value traders because the value of their own portfolios is significantly higher than that of the Mentee.