Quebec Autoroute 10


Quebec Autoroute 10 Not to be confused with Quebec Route Autoroute 10 (A) is an Autoroute of Quebec in Canada that links greater Montreal to key population centres in Montérégie and Estrie, including Brossard, Saint-Jean-sur West end: A in Montréal.

The A parallels the south shore of the river through suburban Longueuil. It is an official part of the coat of arms and has been the official licence plate motto since , replacing " La belle province " the beautiful province.

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Many emigrated of their own free will after the war because of dissatisfaction with the course of the new republic. Debor claims, that Germans appeared in easternCanada and Quebec as early as the seventeenth century. Yet these earliest recorded instances were not of groups of Germans, but of single settlers.

Die Deutschen in der Provinz Quebec Montreal, Hereafter referred to as Ostkanada. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click 'Authenticate'. View freely available titles: Book titles OR Journal titles. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Air travel is indispensable for getting around northern Québec except for the Baie-James region, which is served by a paved highway , because there are no highways or railways serving these remote areas.

Trains run infrequently compared to Europe. There are no high-speed trains in Quebec. Buses are usually cheaper, with more daily connections. The main way to travel between cities is by bus. The bus network is very well developed, particularly for connections between Quebec City-Montreal, Ottawa-Montreal and Toronto-Montreal. Montreal 's main bus station is located at De Maisonneuve East. Buying tickets and making seat reservations is a good idea, particularly for Friday evening or holiday travel, but same day ticket purchase is also possible.

Within cities, public transit tends to be good by North American standards, though showing the signs of funding cuts in recent years. Renting a car and driving around Canada poses no particular problem, even in the cities.

However, it is best to arrange the rental from where you are coming. Read the rental contract carefully, particularly the section on insurance.

Often, you can rent a car in one city and return it in another without prohibitive costs. Rental companies are Viau Montreal , Enterprise.

Quebec has a good network of mostly toll-free highways connecting all the main cities and surrounding areas. There are a couple of toll bridges Autoroute 25 northbound from Montreal to Laval, and the Autoroute 30 bypass to cross the St.

Lawrence River west of Montreal. Fuel taxes are higher in Quebec than in neighbouring Canadian provinces, which in turn are overpriced relative to the US border states. Fuel prices in Montreal and Quebec City the largest cities are particularly bad: A note for European tourists: The Quebec highway code is similar to that practised in most of Europe.

A couple of differences are that traffic lights are often located across the intersection, not at the side, and you are not allowed to turn right on a red light on the Island of Montreal or where otherwise indicated. At stop signs, every one advances in turn, based on the order in which the cars arrived at the stop sign. Roundabouts are very rare. Occasionally, tickets are issued for bizarre offences like "backing up without assistance" which do not exist in other provinces.

Numerous cruises are available on the St. From the centre of Quebec-Lévis downriver to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the river widens and ferries become necessary as there are no bridges; a ferry crossing is also necessary to reach Tadoussac from Saint-Siméon on the north shore and to reach the Magdalen Islands , which politically are part of Quebec despite their proximity to Prince Edward Island.

Coastal ferries are also needed to reach a few small, isolated communities east of Kegasha. Quebec boasts that its km miles of snowmobile trails pistes de motoneige cover much of the province, eastward to Gaspésie and west to Northern Ontario. In a few isolated communities in the high Arctic, the snowmobile is the primary native transport; elsewhere, it is a popular recreational vehicle, with many local clubs and organizations dedicated to snowmobiling and maintenance of the trail network.

For people travelling in small groups and wanting to keep their costs down primarily students , Kangaride , Allô Stop and Quebec-Express are a great alternative to any of the transportation methods mentioned above. Then you can reserve your spot in a car belonging to someone who is travelling to the same destination as you—sometimes for up to half the price of the bus.

Parts of the route are on the Trans Canada Trail that crosses Canada from coast to coast to coast. One can visit several regions by bicycle and find local accommodations near the bike paths.

However, in southern Quebec, the best season for travelling by motorcycle is limited to between May and October.

In remote areas, the nicest season is two months shorter than that, running from June to September. The province boasts several motorcycle clubs [2], and visiting tourists can rent motorcycles. Quebec offers many activities including sports and outdoor recreation, cultural and natural sites, festivals and events. Quebecers are known for their festive spirit and taste for celebration. This explains the close to festivals held each year in Quebec.

For all Quebec events and festivals, check here: Lawrence or criss-cross the countryside not far from the major axial highways. Clearly indicated by a series of blue signs, these routes are designed to showcase the cultural and natural treasures of their respective regions.

The province boasts several very good microbreweries. Here is a list of the best brewpubs in Québec by region. In Montreal, there is Dieu du Ciel!

One of the best is Le Broumont in Bromont, near the foot of the ski hill. If you visit Sherbrooke, be sure to stop in at the Mare au Diable. Liquor and wine are sold mainly at Société des alcools du Québec SAQ stores, but beer and wine often of a lesser quality can also be found at supermarkets and convenience stores. In the country, good quality wine and liquor can be found at the grocery store. The sale of alcohol is prohibited after 11PM at convenience stores and supermarkets, and may not be sold to anyone under the age of Bars are open until 3AM except in Gatineau where they close at 2AM to avoid an influx of partiers when the bars close in Ottawa.

Beer and a so-so selection of wine are available at most grocery stores and depanneurs corner markets , but by law distilled spirits are only available at provincial stores called the SAQ pronounced "ess-ay-cue" or "sack". Quebec is blessed with some of the finest beers on the North American continent. Schriftsteller, Wolke Familienmedizin die Welt.

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