Best Breakout Trading Signal for Trend Following


Go to the Summary Tab and sort the pairs, you can see which ones are doing the best.

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When your computer is Off,. Author of 2 Forex Training E-books. The Day Trade Forex Team. We are the Forex Training Leaders, since A combined 55 years of trading experience. More education means more profits! Of course having a great breaking trading signal is important. Before I tell you what I think is the best breakout trading signal… well… let me define breakout for you.

But the time frame piece is important. And the key point to remember is, the larger the time frame, the more significant the breakout. In part, because they can come with big institutional money that takes time to move in and out of positions — making it easier to ride these breakouts for weeks or longer!

As you can see… with buy volume like that… you can have a little more confidence in the conviction of these longer-term breakouts. So with that backdrop set, can you guess what my favourite breakout trading signal is?

Let me cut to the chase: For trend-following traders, I think new week highs are the best breakout trading signals. And the higher volume, the better. There are two reasons I like week highs more than any other breakout stock trading signals. There are other people looking to allocate funds to these momentum stocks. And in my experience, the fastest way to make money in the stock market is simply this….

I know this might sound simplistic. Especially in this bull market. Which brings me to my second reason for choosing this breakout trading signal as the best…. The second important reason I really like using week highs as a breakout trading signal… is because…. Scanning for week highs makes that easy. Most free stock scanners like FinViz. Alpha Architect has some insights with their post about the truth behind week highs. My favourite trend following stock trading screen uses new week highs as one of the most important input!

And when you combine it with volume requirements and other stock screening filters… well… the results can be pretty impressive! Personally… for me…I like to try and catch bigger moves on weekly charts. This can be a great strategy in a bull market. It can be uncomfortable to buy stocks at new highs, so you may want to give it a test drive.

But you might be surprised by what you see! Now… even though trading new week highs is my favourite strategy… there are some other breakout stock trading signals that are worth considering too. From double bottoms, to ascending triangles, to good old resistance trend lines, these chart-pattern breakouts really do look compelling.

And therein lies the big caveat that exists with trading breakout chart patterns. Trading breakouts from chart patterns makes it harder to stick to your plan! You need to be careful. One of the neat things about trading chart patterns is that they can repeat across multiple time frames.

In a lot of ways, a daily stock chart can look just like a 5-minute chart. The only difference is the time scale. Start at the larger time frames, and look for the broad market trends. As Jesse Livermore said, go with the line of least resistance.

Get oriented with the big picture to see where the breakout in your timeframe lies. Sie können mit verschiedenen EMA-Einstellungen experimentieren. Sie können die folgenden EA-Einstellungen ändern: Wir wollen unsere Chancen verbessern und unsere Frustration durch Filtern reduzieren, für hochwahrscheinliche Trades. Wir wissen bereits, dass Trendlinien eine gewisse Gültigkeit besitzen. In diesem speziellen Fall verwenden wir eine tägliche Tabelle, um Fib-Levels und ein Stunden-Chart zu ziehen, um Einstiegsniveaus in der Gesamtrichtung des Trends zu markieren.

Wir verwenden die gleichen Handelsregeln, wie auf dem Am wichtigsten ist, fraktale helfen mir, Trends und Bereiche zu identifizieren. Fraktale können effektiv im Devisenhandel eingesetzt werden, vor allem mit der Macht eines mechanischen Handelssystems.