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Head over to ZEIT Magazin Online to see more images and further insights on Caroline and Michael. Calliope is named after the Greek muse of eloquence and poetry. “We’ve always been fans of antiquity.

When did the opportunity present itself to open Calliope, and what made it worth pursuing? Ask other users about this article. When you have something you commit to emotionally, you sort of will it into being. So what sets Calliope apart? It was tough for us at first because we live where we work and we work where we live.

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Caroline was running her production company out of Los Angeles and I was running the beginnings of our business in New York. I was creative directing a photoshoot and I hired her as a producer to oversee some of the content. We hit it off that day and I went back to New York but we spent the next six weeks doing long distance by phone to get to know each other.

We had our first kiss at the baggage claim six weeks later and have been together ever since! When we got married and moved to New York, we both had studios for our respective businesses and we discussed how good it would be to work where we live and expand our businesses together.

It took us three years to find a desirable neighbourhood at a price we could afford. We signed the lease on the whole building and moved in as residents, business owners, and shop owners. It was tough for us at first because we live where we work and we work where we live. When you have something you commit to emotionally, you sort of will it into being.

It was something we saw on the distant horizon and something we wanted for ourselves, our community and our creativity and we kept looking at that point and willing it into being. How does the creative exchange work between you both? For example, how do you choose which artists and designers to stock?

We both love the curatorial aspect, meeting other makers and learning how they get inspired. I was really worried about that in the beginning but our apartment actually has very little product from Calliope in it. But because this building is our whole life and we spend so much time in Calliope, the pieces feel like ours already.

How would you describe the local creative community? Do you think having your own store caused you to support local businesses more? Our neighbourhood in the West Village is really conducive for that. Actually, most people know our dog before they know us! New York is a place you can get something anywhere, anytime.

Do you see this sense of community as a wider reflection of changes in the retail industry in general? Everybody in this day and age is looking for a shopping experience to be more than just about the product. You want to feel connected. All of our events are open to the public and neighborhood. We just want people to have fun. Thank you Caroline, Michael and Darryl for showing us around your favorite haunts in the neighbourhood, and for welcoming us into your home. For more of our stories from New York, click here.

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