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I personally wait until a weekly low or high is broken then trade off of that level.

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50 Pips A Day Forex StrategyStart making consistent profits in the forex is a very clear and simple to follow forex trading strategy to get you started achieving consistent profits day after day trading the .

Was dieses Buch dem Leser anbietet, ist eine effektive Handelsstrategie, die auf Preisaktion beruht. Sie müssen wissen, dass der Handel mit Preisaktionen oft mit über 90 Prozent der Gewinnrate resultiert. So ist diese Methode völlig geringes Risiko mit hoher Belohnung. Was ein Händler zu tun hatte, ist einfach, alle vorgegebenen Regeln dieser Methode zu verfolgen. Alles, was Sie lernen müssen, ist bereits auf diesem Buch enthalten, das Sie in Ihren profitable Erfolg führen wird.

Wichtige Themen, die auf diesem Buch abgedeckt sind: Beim Lesen dieses Buches finde ich es sehr einfach zu verstehen und zu bewerben. So empfehle ich dieses Buch jedem, der an der Forex-Welt interessiert ist. Nachdem ich das Buch gelesen hatte, hatte ich es auf meinem Praxiskonto benutzt. Ich bin jetzt auf meinem sechsten Monat Zeitraum der Prüfung und ich bin froh zu sagen, dass ich einen konsequenten Gewinn mit ihm hatte.

Allerdings ist die meisten der Zeit, ein Problem erscheint, wenn der Trend pausiert und der Markt beginnt sich seitwärts zu bewegen, so dass viele Tendenz nach Trader zu verlieren die meisten oder alle ihre bisherigen hart verdienten Gewinne Dieses Buch präsentiert ein komplettes Forex Trading System für den Handel a Reichweite gebundenen Markt. Dies ist alles nur durch das Lesen der Preis-Aktion, dieses System enthält keine technischen Indikatoren Sie lernen, wie man früh die Verschiebung von Trending zu seitwärts Bewegung erkennen, die Sie weg von verlieren Trades Sie werden lernen, wie man eine Reichweite früh zu identifizieren Und handeln sie erfolgreich, mit klarem Eintritt, Stop-Loss, Exit-Levels und mit sehr gutem Risiko-Belohnungs-Verhältnis.

Popular posts from this blog. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Though I could say that have learned so much in the past couple of months, I could say I've learned so much more the past few days reading your books. I stumbled on your "50 Pips a Day" strategy kindle book and found it to be very logical.

So I bought your books one by one and read it, until I ended up buying and reading all of it in a span of 3 days. I've heard one trader from a podcast who once said "there is always something happening in the market", and in deed it is true. But the thing is most do not know how to take advantage of what is happening.

With all those strategies at my disposal, I think I could trade at all types of market trending or ranging and at high and low time frames and approach it at different angles.

I'm currently in the process of back testing the strategies this week. One person found this helpful. Ok, well this is Mr. Damir's latest book and has been very helpful to me. His other books emphasize trend trading, which many great traders abide by and has attributed to their amazing success i. Damir does a fantastic job of teaching someone how to profit in trend environments in his previous books and I highly encourage anyone who wants to become a better trader to pick one up!

Ok, so what if there is no trend? That is what this book is perfect for! Trading a range when no trend is present. Why sit on the sidelines and wait for a trend when you can range trade and make some serious pips! Damir uses many clear, concise, step by step examples and many illustrations from currency pair charts. This makes learning the material very concrete and easy! Lots of fluff and misspelling words with grammatical errors so much so that I can't grasp how this book was published.

As for the content, it only outlines the bare bones of a strategy, not enough to give details. The author gives you some real substance you can actually use in forex. I found this book to be helpful and straight to the point.

Great Forex Trading book! Laurentiu shares his views in trading the fx range market with valuable points and steps.

Even though English is his second or third language, the writing is very easy to understand. Language is only a tool, the content of the book is what I am looking for. As a novice to forex trading I have opted to read all of Laurentiu's books in preparation of trading. Each book delivers a clear and concise strategy, and forex graphs now have meaning for me.

Laurentiu also gives sound money management advise. Start with the 50 pips a day book and move forward from there in no particular order. Each book feels like a new secret is being revealed, and collectively you have strategies to trade with the trend, trend reversals and range trade on short and longer time frames. I am not yet trading live, but research into past price action reveals that these strategies look to work well.

Laurentiu in this one lay down with patience and intelligence the concepts behind trading the most prevailent trend, which seems intimidating at first but after a few times going through the material again and again the intimidation diffuse. Finally the era of long and useless Finally the era of long and useless book is over. In this book you have everything you need. Where to enter position, where to set stop loss and where to exit. And what time frame to use.

I have tried to learn Forex from books in the past, but every time failed. Because of this author I started to trade on demo account in just one week.

And I knew nothing about Forex before. See all 30 reviews.