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Beside manual fire pumps from different manufacturers, helmets, buttons and so on, the company was also selling equipment for fencing, sports and playgrounds. Konrad Rosenbauer took over the company in , a turning point from which it would manufacture its own fire extinguishing equipment.

After moving to a larger site, the company trade its name for K. In , Rosenbauer started producing gas-powered pumps. The first fire truck was built From , Rosenbauer was also able to produce its own two-stroke engines today, engines are provided notably by BMW and Volkswagen. Since the s, Rosenbauer collaborates with company Carvatech, which is involved in the bodyworks production. In the middle of the s, Rosenbauer introduced the Falcon, a vehicle which had a chassis developed especially for firefighting vehicles.

Crozier , played by Patrick Ryecart , was a human scientist who led the experiments in mind transference, as seen in Mindwarp , seeking to save Lord Kiv from brain compression.

After experimenting on a Raak , the Matrix evidence shown at the Doctor 's trial indicated that Crozier was successful in transferring Kiv's mind into Peri 's brain. It was his work that prompted the High Council of Gallifrey to interfere with events. The Matrix evidence showed that the Time Lords ' interference resulted in King Yrcanos attacking Crozier's lab, killing him and Peri, the new host of Kiv's mind. It was later revealed that the Matrix evidence had been falsified by the Valeyard and that Peri had in fact survived and married Yrcanos.

Crozier's ultimate fate is therefore unclear. They were planning to attack a prison spaceship to free Davros and performed their orders without question, but were ultimately killed by the Daleks. He breathed in dust from Mount Vesuvius , which was created by the Pyroviles , and gave him false predictions of a brighter future for Pompeii. His right arm was turned to stone, a process which, if carried out completely, would have turned him into a Human-Pyrovile hybrid.

He helped the Pyroviles assemble circuitboards they needed to transform Earth into a new Pyrovilia. He was presumably inside the volcano when it erupted. He was portrayed by Phil Davis. He fought in the Great War , which left him damaged by the horrors he had seen. He raised himself from being a foreman to being the wealthy, ruthless businessman seen in this episode.

Believing Diagoras to be the most Dalek-like human they had encountered, Dalek Sec chose to merge with him against his comrades' wishes to become a Human Dalek. She was capable of stopping a man's heart simply by touching him. A high-ranking Time lord politician, Goth was in fact a willing servant to the Master who was killed by the Doctor through a mental battle via the Matrix. Gatherer Hade , played by Richard Leech , as seen in The Sun Makers , ruled over the city of Megropolis One on Pluto and organised the collection of the taxes paid by the citizens to the Company.

The pompous official lauded praise upon the Company and his Usurian boss, the Collector. Challenging the revolutionaries that had broken out onto the roof of the city, Hade was thrown off the building to his death. She was looking after the Face of Boe whilst he was hospitalised on Ward She was eventually arrested by New New York Police Department for having kept the Sisters' secret, that they had built a farm of cloned humans infected with all known diseases in order to research cures.

After helping the Doctor and the Face of Boe save the Under-City civilians from eternal imprisonment on the Motorway, Hame was with them as the Face died, after imparting his final words to the Doctor. Titanic , a ship from Max Capricorn Cruiselines modelled after the Earth ocean liner of the same name. Hardaker was a veteran officer in the company and long-time Captain of his ship.

With a terminal illness, he accepted a large sum of money to leave behind for his family from Max Capricorn to crash the Titanic into the Earth. This was key to Capricorn's scheme to frame the board of directors for mass murder.

Hardaker facilitated this by dismissing all officers from the bridge, but Midshipman Alonzo Frame refused to go, citing the regulation that two officers were required on the bridge at any one time. Despite Frame's interference, Hardaker lowered the shields and magnetised the hull to draw in a meteor storm. The meteors struck the ship, dealing tremendous structural damage and killing many of the passengers. A support structure on the bridge collapsed and killed Hardaker, leaving Frame helpless to prevent the Titanic from plunging toward Earth.

Geoffrey Palmer appeared twice before in Doctor Who. Hedin was a high-ranking and respected Time Lord politician who was said to have been a good friend of the Doctor before he left Gallifrey. In fact, Hedin was in league with the renegade and powerful Time Lord Omega because he believed Omega deserved freedom and recondition for his achievements to Time Lord history.

The Doctor knew this was a mistake and tried to reason with Hedin, who was suddenly killed by saving the Doctor's life from a shot fired by one of the Castellan's guards. She is played by Louise Fullerton. She and Lucie believed they were working in a simple modern day office in Telford. But in truth, they were partially hypnotised war strategists inside a giant battle robot that walked an alien world fighting the Cybermen.

Despite being a simple human with a humble job, some Time Lords believed Karen had the potential to become an oppressive dictator. This fact drew the attention of a villain-for-hire named The Headhunter , who hired Karen as her assistant. The next time the Headhunter appears, Karen is at her side, helping to steal an alien diamond in Grand Theft Cosmos.

Commander Lytton is a mercenary whom the Doctor encountered twice. He was born on a satellite called Riften 5, orbiting the planet Vita 15 some centuries in the future.

The novelisation of Attack of the Cybermen states that his first name is Gustave. When the Fifth Doctor met Lytton during Resurrection of the Daleks , he was working for the Daleks in a plot to rescue Davros from imprisonment following the events in Destiny of the Daleks. It transpired that all the Daleks' humanoid operatives were clone-duplicates with the memories of the originals downloaded , ensuring their obedience — but the conditioning proved unstable and the destroyed originals' minds could reassert control.

Lytton, who soon turned against his masters, was presumably an example of this. When Davros altered some of the Daleks to be loyal to him and tried to seize control from the Dalek Supreme , Lytton was one of the few survivors of the ensuing battle.

Though he attempted briefly to shoot the Doctor, they did not meet and he escaped from the carnage in the guise of a policeman. The Sixth Doctor then encountered Lytton planning to rob a diamond merchant in the story Attack of the Cybermen The sewers through which he planned to make his heist also contained a squad of Cybermen , and Lytton's actions helped revive them. After being taken to Telos with Lytton and the Cybermen, the Doctor encountered the Cryons, who revealed that Lytton was in fact working for them.

The Cybermen had travelled back in time to prevent the destruction of their home planet Mondas in However, once they did so the Cybermen intended to destroy and leave Telos. Lytton's mission was to prevent this by stealing the time machine. Once Lytton's treachery to the Cybermen was exposed, the Cyber Controller ordered that Lytton undergo the cyber-conversion process. When the Doctor tried to free Lytton from his fate as a Cyberman, a partially converted Lytton died fighting the Cyber Controller, who snapped his neck.

The Doctor later admitted that he had badly misjudged Lytton, though their encounters had been severely limited. A video on the official website for The Sarah Jane Adventures mentions that Sarah Jane Smith investigated a criminal group called the "Lytton Gang" in , including a woman who claimed to be carrying Lytton's alien baby. The gang was attempting to loot the Bank of England. Warum sind Vorschriften für binäre Optionen so wichtig? EU-regulierte Broker sind die sicherste Wahl!

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