Marceli Handelsman


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Marceli Handelsman — was a Polish historian, a Warsaw University professor, medievalist , modern historian , and historical methodologist. Marceli Handelsman was born on 8 July , in Warsaw , to a family of distant Jewish ancestry. After graduating in law at the Russian-language Imperial Warsaw University , he moved to Berlin , where he began studies in the history department of Unter den Linden University.

In , however, he was dismissed from the school because of his involvement in socialist organizations. Afterwards Handelsman continued his studies at various European universities including Paris , Zürich where he received his doctorate in , Rapperswil , Vienna and finally London. He was also appointed a member of the Polish Academy of Learning. One of the most prominent historians of the age, between and he was also the editor-in-chief of the Historical Review and the head of a Commission for the Atlas of History of Polish Lands — Initially a medievalist, in the Interbellum Handelsman devoted much study to 19th-century Polish political history, including the works of Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski and the Hôtel Lambert circle.

Nevertheless, he took an active part in underground education in Poland during World War II and served as a professor in the underground Warsaw University. Arrested by the Gestapo in , he was sent to Gross-Rosen concentration camp. These items below are the means to achieve those services: Helsel has extensive experience with the publishing and conference industries.

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