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Comprised of three task forces: We can also call on warships not explicitly assigned to CMF to give associated support, which is assistance they can offer if they have the time and capacity to do so whilst undertaking national tasking.

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Prime Book Box for Kids. About the Author Univ. Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. In the midst of the heated conversation, Chakotay's degeneration becomes critical and he is admitted to sickbay, only to die moments later.

Realizing her error in judgment, Janeway decides then to follow her first officer's advice and turns the ship around, bringing back online the hazardous new warp drive and setting a course for the Demon planet. Over time, Voyager continues to fall apart and the crew continue dying as the ship suffers further degradation.

A severely deteriorated Janeway holds a meeting with the only surviving senior officers; Kim, Neelix and Seven of Nine. Kim reports that the holoemitters have gone offline and the Doctor's program has been lost. With Paris' condition not improving, Neelix is now chosen to be the new chief medical officer despite having only basic medical training.

Seven of Nine's modified nanoprobes are keeping the warp field stable, hopefully long enough for the ship to reach the Demon planet. Janeway orders the creation of a time capsule out of non-biomimetic materials to preserve the memory and record of the duplicate Voyager crew and what they have discovered and experienced on their journey. Suddenly the main deflector fails, and interstellar dust begins to contaminate the warp field.

Harry Kim reinitializes the deflector in time to preserve the warp field, but as Neelix begins calls for celebration, the bridge crew discover that Janeway has died.

Continuing on, Kim takes command of Voyager , assisted by Seven, with Neelix tending to the dying crew remaining. The degradation has become so severe that life support begins to fail with less than ten hours left of air.

Kim orders the time capsule launched, but because nearly all systems have failed, the launch fails, destroying the capsule and taking with it all record of the crew's adventures and existence. Suddenly, a vessel is detected, 22 light-years away; the real Voyager. Kim attempts to hail them, but communications are out. They must drop to impulse to contact them, but the warp drive does not respond to controls.

Kim orders the core ejected, causing the ship to spin out of control and tear itself apart. Meanwhile, the original Voyager has detected the distress signal and is proceeding to its location. Upon arrival, the crew finds only formless debris. With no traces upon which to make further investigations, Janeway makes a note of the encounter in the ship's log, and the crew continue on their way home. You were willing to see past my shortcomings, and take all the bumps and bruises that come along with it.

You made me a better person, even though I put up one hell of a fight. I look forward to our journey together. You caught the bouquet that means you're next in line for the altar. I'm not going into stasis for the rest of my life. By marrying one limits, one's romantic interactions to a single individual, a circumstance which implies extreme monotony.

We've lost The Doctor. Duplicate or not, he was real to me and he was a fine Starfleet officer, and he was a friend who wasn't afraid to let me know when I am wrong. Customizable and Responsive Choose from 4 color themes to match your website's look and feel. Customize the width and height of your graph or have it fill your entire screen. This methane graph is fully responsive and can automatically resize to fit whatever device or screen size it is being viewed on.

Changes in past atmospheric methane concentrations are determined by measuring the composition of air trapped in ice cores from Antarctica. Orbital and millennial-scale features of atmospheric CH4 over the past , years. The methane ice core records for this time period are derived from three cores obtained from Law Dome, East Antarctica from to , and samples from the Eurocore and GISP2 ice cores from the Summit region, Greenland.

The Law Dome sites satisfy many of the desirable characteristics of an ideal ice core site for atmospheric reconstructions including negligible melting of the ice sheet surface, low concentrations of impurities, regular stratigraphic layering undisturbed at the surface by wind or at depth by ice flow, and high snow accumulation rate.

Evidence of anthropogenic emissions and climatic variability J. Globally-averaged, monthly mean atmospheric methane abundance is determined from marine surface sites. A climate change tool for methane Key features.