Starting with the budget, with a view to ensuring that the amounts for the financing of the common agricultural policy currently under subheading 1a market measures and direct aids respect the annual ceil in g s set out i n t he Decision of the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council on 18 November , concerning the Conclusions of the European Council meeting in Brussels on 24 and 25 October , an adjustment of the direct payments shall be fixed when the forecasts for the financing of the measures under subheading 1a for a given budget year, increased by the amounts given in Articles d and e and before application of modulation provided for in Article 10 2 , indicate that the abovementioned annual ceiling, taking into account a margin of EUR million below that ceiling, will be exceeded. Die zuständigen Behörden der Mitgliedstaaten verfügen über einen weit reichenden Ermessensspielraum hinsichtlich dessen, was sie als Dienstleistungen von allgemeinem wirtschaftlichen Interesse ansehen, solange sie die in dieser Richtlinie aufgeführten [ These are substances that have endocrinedisrupting, persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic properties or substances that are very persistent and very bioaccumulative and which do not meet the crit er i a set out i n A rticle 57 d or e of REACH, but for which there is scientific evidence of probable serious effects on human health or the environment which give rise to an equivalent level of concern as those of other substances listed in points a to e and which are identified on a case-bycase basis in accordance with the proce du r e set out i n A rticle November vereinigten Vertreter der Regierungen der Mitgliedstaaten betreffend die Schlussfolgerungen des Europäischen Rates Brüssel,

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