10 years 1 minute historical data for 15 currencies


EURUSD 1m is a collection of historical prices. The file contains the following information. In order: Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume. We are able to provide consistent and reliable financial data thanks to an algorithm able to collect data directly from the market, without any kind of intermediary.. Are low price and high quality impossible to coexist?

Jack Johnson , so passionate with Forex that he test and retest his trading strategies over numerous years until he perfected the system. Please particularly note that the past performance of a trading system or trading strategy is not indicative of future results. Before you make any investment or trading decisions, you should carefully inform yourself about the opportunities and risk. Thus giving you ample trade opportunities. The secrets to successful forex trading are about to be yours!

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Mar 05,  · The disktrading data goes back the farthest (~) but contains a significant percentage of contaminated ticks/candles (spurious ticks as well as your typical

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