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Anything else complicates the issue. Originally Posted by Trader If that is the case then trading with a direct access broker may be the only way forward. This should expose paradoxical as a liar. Dear Fellow Trader, Right now I'm sitting on a beach in Mexico, watching the sun slip down in the western sky and enjoying the warm sea breeze.

THE BUY ZONE - TheRumpledOne

There are no shortcuts for this painstaking process There is an entire industry built around making you think it is complicated. I bet you doubt me, don't you? Added topic xMeter companion I wrote a lower indicator based on the xMeter. I thought seeing the history trail would be nice. Share on social networks 2. I don't see an Share on social networks 9. This is NOT intended to be used as a standalone indicator.

This code is used in the latest I have been warned NOT to trespass on or hijack other people's threads. I enhanced newmont's MT4 Dashboard to work with any external indicator: Oh yes, that's right, this is NOT a tease, because if I were teasing you then the code wouldn't be attached, right?

The short zone is the Jan 13, , 1: The short zone is the Open Price -. Go long on green bull candle in the long zone and short on red bear candle in short zone. I reset the Buy Zone at the start of the hour. Or you can use the London, New York and Sydney open prices. SL is 5 to 7 pips. TP is whatever you can get before it goes against you. The following members like this post: Jan 14, , 9: The success of this approach to a large extent would depend on being able to trade with low spreads without being impeded by your broker.

For example, i would think that trading a fixed 3-pip spread on GBPUSD would go a long way to reducing the effectiveness of this scalping approach, as you'd struggle to cover the spread.

Speed of execution also being important. Originally Posted by TheRumpledOne. Last edited by JTrader; Jan 14, at If that is the case then trading with a direct access broker may be the only way forward. The approach is still good though and I am looking forward to using it once I have things in place.

Jan 14, , Originally Posted by Trader Jan 14, , 3: Experience Forex Freedom as my forex broker. It's like when I go to Mexico and I want to buy Pesos. I walk around and look for the best exchange rate. If one place is give