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Our Goal is to fin d the Best Penny Stock Picks around for our Friends!

They're always willing to answer any of your questions there. Take OptionsHouse, which I named as one of the best options brokers because of its super-low fees. Read the Interactive Brokers Review.

Summary: Best brokers for penny stock trading

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TD Ameritrade offers great tools through their thinkorswim platform which you can download for free. Both brokers offer level 2's for free, but I believe E-trade requires the Pro client. Penny stocks are a whole different ball game compared to what you'll see on the big boards.

Penny stocks are a quick way to lose money early on if you don't execute trades well, understand all the lingo when researching or go through message boards listening to others. People pray on new traders or "investors", so they can sell out themselves. Don't trust anyone when it comes to advise on what to buy or predictions on where a stock will go. It's a huge undertaking and learning experience for anyone that wants to put in the time to learn this crazy market imo, so put in the work, learn first, trade second.

It's a tough time for OTC related stocks anyway. Thanks for taking time for such great info and advice. It asked if I was a professional or non-professional That could have something to do with the delay? I think you just need some money in the account to remove the delay. You can always just open an account for free through the website, download thinkorswim, and ask their support on the platform.

They're always willing to answer any of your questions there. The delay is just for individuals who don't have money in their accounts. I have the same problem with trade king, I looked it up and for penny stocks you have to pay 0. Those fees are killers! I may be wrong, but I think some of them charge. I think scottrade did and that's why I went with ameritrade, flat fee. Did you just trade it once or twice? You most likely broke some rule and they have a fee on it. First larger trade with them I tried to modify the order after I "sent" it.

My mistake but I that definitely added a fee. I change orders all the time with ameritrade with no issues. Imo Screw them and get new broker. If you wanted to trade subpennystocks you can't be using a broker that heavily fees you for trading them. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Online deal sites are a great way to stoke demand, especially when the economy is sluggish. Internet Stocks , Retail Stocks.

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