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Außerdem ist man dazu übergegangen, die Auslandsspesen nur teilweise zu erstatten und den Rest der individuellen Steuererklärung zu überlassen (was genau gar nichts bringt, wenn man eh nicht über die €-Pauschale kommt).

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As an integrated technology company, we offer a virtually unrivaled portfolio of products and solutions spanning the entire Power Matrix. And in an interview with Dr. Siemens engineer Jens Hald Jensen left oversees the assembly of the wind turbine with the longest rotor blade currently in operation worldwide. And today is a very fitting occasion for them: The test subjects arrived several days ago: And although Jens Hald Jensen has worked in the wind industry ever since earning his university degree, he sees this test as the highlight of his career to date.

More than just an impressive rotor For decades, Jensen has dreamed of an energy infrastructure that relies more heavily on renewable sources such as wind. And the first customers are already lining up to make large-scale use of the new technology: The culmination of more than 20 years of experience in offshore projects, the SWT 6. The streamlined design facilitates maintenance while also cutting down on weight: ABOVE — Once installed, the gigantic rotor will sweep an area equivalent to two-and-a-half soccer fields.

An enormous amount of space is also required for unloading the rotor blades and mounting them on the hub pictured on the left. The largest single-cast fiberglass component But Jens Hald Jensen has no time for visions today.

After all, the B75 is the largest single-cast fiberglass component ever constructed. Our technologies are bringing the future of energy closer Siemens offers its customers not only wind power installations but also a broad portfolio of other products and solutions that will facilitate the transition to a new energy infrastructure: Only an integrated technology company with a broad portfolio can provide such a complete range of offerings — thus strengthening public confidence that the transition to a new energy system can indeed be achieved.

After hours of exacting work, two crane operators and a handful of our technicians have attached the three rotor blades to the wind turbine. Jens Hald Jensen looks up with rapt attention, captivated by the imposing sight.

But for now, Jensen has called it a day. Zimmer, the future of energy is currently a hot topic in Germany. What stance is EnBW taking? Building a new energy system is a huge challenge for Germany. Your company partnered with us on its construction in Following extensive analyses, we concluded that wind turbines and wind farms, both onshore and offshore, could be particularly profitable. Availability is very good, and we achieved quite gratifying overall results the first year. When planning and implementing projects of this magnitude, we need reliable partners who keep their promises.

Since the very beginning of the EnBW Baltic 1 project, the cooperation with our colleagues at Siemens has been characterized by great trust. And this trust is also based on our experience in other major projects on which we have partnered. EnBW Baltic 1 is quite far from your home region in southwestern Germany. How is the electricity generated there distributed throughout the country?

Our wind farm in the Baltic feeds directly into the hertz grid. From there, the energy is further distributed within Germany via an extensive interconnected grid. The grid development plan prepared by our subsidiary Transnet BW and three other grid operators foresees HVDC transmission lines along several corridors. On the contrary, the process will take several years.

But we must address this challenge if we want to succeed in restructuring the energy system. In our view, highly efficient power plants like our combined cycle plants are another factor that can facilitate the transition to a new energy infrastructure: They have fast-start capability and are highly flexible in terms of startup and shutdown — which makes them particularly suitable for an energy market moving toward fluctuating renewable energies.

Another concern is reducing energy consumption, in other words, saving electricity. What can an energy company like EnBW contribute here? But quite the opposite is true: One thing is clear to us: Smart grids are one option for flattening consumption peaks.