The Central Bank of Bougainville (CBOB) is the central bank of the Government of Bougainville Island. It was established on 14 May pursuant to the Decree # and LAW ON THE CENTRAL BANK OF BOUGAINVILLE.

Australian administration continued after the war as the UK transferred their territory to the Australians. The Bougainville Kina, the BVK, is less than a fiat currency, it is a fraudulent, fictional proposal of a currency that has been used to defraud hopeful innocents out of their hard earned or otherwise accumulated money. Tell all your friends to stay away from it and use lots of soap and wash carefully if they have come in contact with CBOB or rr.

What is the 'PGK (Papua New Guinea Kina)'

Bougainville Kina DE If you have enough in the pot even if you are only getting 8% the interest will keep you flush and not required to work in order to live. Convert bougainville kina currency forex British Pound. of developing corresponding accounts and facilitating exchange relationships for Bougainville’s Kina.

Watch here an interesting "Journeyman's Pictures" report from showing conman Noah Musingku at work: Please click here to learn more about Musingku's criminal activities! The ESBC consider this information as fraudulent. The contact form links to a Chinese company with the domain name www. Room , No 53, Lane , Fengshun Road. Post-Courier Illegal tender American national held with 1. Airport authorities detained Mr Webb after going through his documents and baggage, which included a brief case full of newly printed Bougainville kina totalling 1.

The airport authorities consis-ting Customs, Immigration, Natio-nal Airport Corporation and Air Niugini alerted responsible government authorities including police and the central bank, who interrogated the man, who claimd to be an executive of the International Organisation of Economic Development IOED. The United States Embassy was also alerted and their officials were also present at the airport during the interrogation, which almost took four hours at the Jackson International Airport on Saturday morning.

He had in possession documents and a letter from those in Tonu, which he handed to Government authorities as proof. In one of the documents which the Post-Courier is in possession of, Tonu City leaders wrote to Webb in November 12, advising him that he had won a permanent position to represent the central bank of Bougainville as the minister for international monetary relations. Under this decree, your responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to the following: If you look at the Bougainville kina note, it has the kina name on it but different features and pictures, therefore it is illegal," Mr Bakani said.

Customs Commissioner Ray Paul confirmed the incident but said he is waiting for full details from all government authorities before he could comment. He said the Customs office will hold a press conference today about the matter. Immigrations officials also told the Post-Courier last night that Mr Webb would face penalties but said they would rather have the police and other authorities announce the consequences he would face today.

Police advised they will respond today when they all meet to determine the next course of action. Central Bank of Bougainville? No such thing, except in Musingku's lies. You might fire up Google Earth and search for Tonu.

Unfortunately, it sits just to the E of a section of hi-res imagery. But if you inspect the hi-res sections, you can get an idea of what that part of Bougainville is like. Rainforest with small scattered settlements.

Bottom line, go back to Google. I have no way to prove to you that I know what I'm talking about, but I don't think you searched very carefully. I'm in almost-daily communication with a variety of Bougainvilleans -- some on Bougainville, some elsewhere.

Every one of them knows that Musingku is a con man. Thanks for the responses. I would appreciate more information from anyone that has it. Originally Posted by Northeagle. Rio Tinto will have their day in court soon and war crimes are very serious! The BVK will be on the world stage soon and the people of Bougainville will have their independence and sovereignty they have fought so hard and spilled so much blood for!

Regardless of thw jimw and Intl Law may say, it's a scam. A few moments with Google will verify this. Intl Law's posting is crammed with misinformation.

Bougainville did not become independent in and it's not independent today. This is easily checked by anybody. Again, Google helps here. There is a lawsuit, but it's filed under the "Alien Tort Claims" act. I personally directed Hagens-Berman to one of the plaintiffs, although I have no other role in the lawsuit. It's beyond ridiculous to claim that the BLK is Bougainville's currency. The current in use is the Papua New Guinea Kina, and again this is quite easily verified.

But that bad behavior, and the war, don't make Noah's absolute scam legitimate. Don't go anywhere near it. Here's one thing anybody can try. There's a new forum for Bougainvilleans and friends of Bougainville, called BougainvilleConnect. It can be found at: The new forum is allied with a closed Yahoo group of Bougainvilleans and others of all political persuasions. I'll repeat that I'm in email contact with Bougainvilleans on Bougainville and elsewhere every day, and although anybody can claim anything on the internet, I'm going to go ahead and say that I also have been personally acquainted with every President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and speak the native language of two of them the late Joseph Kabui, and James Tanis.

I have known John Momis since the early s. I have attended reconciliation ceremonies as an honored guest. I passed through the "no-go" zone at Panguna in , without incident even though I am white. Harole, here, makes 3 main claims: The Bougainville currency, BVK, is not legitimate. Harole found a plaintiff in the case, he met revolutionary leaders, and heard of the now defunct Autonomous Party, so he holds opinions.

Readers check the facts: So, Readers, if Harole is wrong on this, perhaps his opinions are irrevevant and wrong on other matters. The BVK is not legitimate…??? Readers … check the Central Bank Monetary Authority: Bougainville is not Independent….???

Slander and gossip pales against the valor of freedom won by a War of Independence. Doubters of the French and American Revolutions found the shame that you, Harole, also, do so deserve. The Treaty founded the law and practice upon which the mentioned American and French Revolutions declared their Independence. Independence is stated, claimed, won and held, as defined under the Treaty for years. It is Declarative Independence. Bougainville claimed, fought, and won Independence in It has held its free State Independence since, under the same Treaty.

Readers , give no heed to sloppy opinions. Focus on the Law itself governing sovereignty: Mass-murder for gold profits. Here Harole, you are more than wrong, you are ethically sick and even deranged. No Harole, no Blog back, no slander… be a Man! Go ahead …Stand and show up Harole!! Readers … ignore the foolish gossip, go to the source documents.

Depend on true, verifiable source documents, and the practice of international law from the Treaty of Westphalia for years.

First, I don't care at all whether Intl Law accepts what I say or doesn't. And I don't care whether he's just badly informed or whether he's shilling for IBOM, although I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

What I do care about is that no readers of this thread lose their money. Let's take Intl Law's points one by one. Intl Law, did you read your own link?

The Supreme Court of the US is not involved. Here's the US Supreme Court's website: You will find nothing relating to Rio Tinto. Let's go on to the BVK. V, in the Netherlands something typically done by organizations who prefer to remain anonymous.